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15th-May-2009 08:29 pm - Comfest volunteering
This is forwarded from the Comfest beer booth coordinator. Volunteering is in 3-4 hour shifts, and there is something to do for everyone. In addition to the satisfaction of helping to put on Comfest, volunteers get tokens, which can be spent on drinks or food, and an exclusive T-shirt.


Only 42 days 'til ComFest!!

Do you have any friends or family who would like to volunteer at a ComFest beer booth? How about Safety or Cleanup/Recycling? Or, would you like to pickup an extra shift? We've got about 120 more beer spots to fill.

Here's what beer still needs right now:

Saturday 7pm to 11pm (beertenders and cashiers)
Sunday 3pm-630pm (beertenders and cashiers)
Sunday 630pm-930pm (beertenders and cashiers)

You can send friends and family to comfest.com to sign up or you can give them my email address (jen@comfest.com).

Thank you for your help!!!!

1st-Apr-2009 05:12 pm - Someone was raped here
woman tree
The bold womyn at feminist avengers report the latest feminist news.
Armed only with spray paint and feminist knowledge, womyn and feminist allies marked some locations in Columbus where rape has occured with the words "Someone was raped here."
27th-Mar-2009 08:25 am - Earth Hour
Tomorrow at 8:30pm is Earth Hour/World PowerDown. Don't use lights, plugged-in appliances, motorized vehicles, batteries,* etc. for an hour. Don't cheat by going to a restaurant, bar, movie theater, or the like. Candles, oil lamps etc. are OK. Give it a try!

*although I think bicycle lights would be justifiable.
MadLab will be holding auditions for The Tenth Annual Theatre Roulette Short Festival on Saturday, January 17th from 3pm-5pm at MadLab. We are seeking men and women 18+. Auditions will be readings from the scripts. Headshots and resumes not required, but encouraged. Callbacks will be held on Sunday, January 18th from 10am-4pm. You will not need to be available for the entire time on Sunday for the callbacks as there are several plays that will hold individual callbacks on that day. Please call 614.221.5418 for more information or scheduling problems.
27th-Dec-2008 06:20 pm - Noooo!
Larry's closed

I didn't go there often but I liked knowing it was there...it was unique in the campus area.
17th-Oct-2008 10:44 am - WCBE Fall 2008 On-Air Drive
Complacency is Patriotic
Do you listen to NPR? Do you like having non-Clear Channel radio stations on your dial? If so, then please donate to WCBE 90.5 for their Fall 2008 On-Air drive.

WCBE is listener-supported public radio. When you give to central Ohio's NPR station, your tax-deductible membership gift directly supports the award-winning programs upon which you've come to expect and rely on, including Morning Edition, All Things Considered, Car Talk, A Prairie Home Companion, Morning Edition, Ante Meridiem, The Global Village and more!

Make a one-time contribution or arrange to have a donation charged to your credit card each month. Every dollar counts; pledge whatever amount works for you. CLICK HERE

ONLINE - Our secure server payment system is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

PHONE - (614) 722-7333

MAIL - Please make your check payable to THE WCBE FUND.

WCBE 90.5 FM
c/o Membership Department
540 Jack Gibbs Blvd.
Columbus, OH 43215
12th-Oct-2008 07:39 pm - Ballot Issues
Following up on vorpalbla's post a couple weeks ago, I'm not decided yet on a couple of the other state ballot issues. What do people think about Issues 1 & 3?

The five issues (assuming Issue 5 makes it to the ballot) are:

Issue 1 - Earlier Filing Deadlines for Ballot Issues / Standardizing the Process
Issue 2 - Issuing Bonds for Clean Ohio Program
Issue 3 - Protecting Private Property Rights in Water
Issue 5 - Regulating Payday Lenders
Issue 6 - Allowing a Casino Near Wilmington


(Vote Early to minimize difficulty voting)
30th-Sep-2008 04:44 pm - Register to Vote
Less than a week to register to vote!

(Monday, Oct 6th is the last day)

27th-Sep-2008 09:57 pm - Issue 6
Issue 6 is the proposed amendment to the Ohio constitution that will allow a casino to open between Columbus and Cinci. I am as yet undecided.

Thoughts? Note that I'm not by any means sold on "gambling is immoral," but I might be convinced that it does or does not make good economic sense. Commercials run by each side make conflicting claims about the tax implications.
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